Billy Was My Buddy

by Invincible Pigs

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I had a mate named Billy,
I thought I knew him well
I looked him up the other day
He's joined the EDL

Billy was my buddy
his heart in the right place
But now it's all skinheads, combat boots
and the fucking master race

Oh Billy, can't you see? these people ain't your mates
They'll fill your head right up with lies
They’ll fill your heart with hate

They ain’t this country's saviours
Nah this ain't religious war
They're just a bitter bunch of bonehead bastards
best to be ignored

I had a mate named Faisal
I thought I knew him great
I looked him up the other day
He's joined Islamic State

Faisal was my buddy,
now he's in a terror cell
He's on Youtube with an AK
He's beheading infidels

Oh Faisal, can't you see? these people ain't your friends,
They'll chew you up, they’ll spit you out
use you for their own ends

You're off to fight an old man's war
It’ll outlive you and I
As long as those who pull the strings
convince young men to die

Well Billy he's been banged up
And Faisal's in the ground
Two more lives are wasted
and the world turns around

Too late for Bill and Faisal,
But not for you and me
And him and her and all of us
Just think what we could be

What we could be together,
together, standing strong
So when you see this propaganda
Well you scream out that its wrong!

C / G / Am / F
C / G / C / C

C / G / Am / F
F / F / C / G
C / G / Am / D7
D7 / D7 / G / G



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Invincible Pigs Bristol, UK

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